The GBL Filter is one of most tangible and simplest ways to impact an entire community. Families can construct and adapt their filter in just minutes to locally found containers. The GBL Filter brings safe clean water to entire communities where there has never been clean water before impacting families for more 20 years.

The kit includes everything you need to attach the filter to any plastic bucket or container and even a disposable bag. (Bucket not included.) We also provide anti-parasitic medications, the love and message of Jesus, a Bible, and a minimum of 3 follow up visits to measure our impact and project sustainability.

Our strategy isn’t sporadic; it’s intentional.  Our goal is to provide a hope and a future for every person in every community we serve. For more information, contact us here.

While the GBL Filter is an incredible strategy to provide immediate relief to those without access to clean water, it isn’t always the best solution. That’s why we look to drill wells that help provide a long term sustainable clean water solution to entire communities who may not have access to any kind of water source… clean or not. Through our mobile drilling technology we are often able to drill wells in 75% more places for 75% less money than traditional drilling methods.

Imagine what can be built on top of water… Churches. Schools. Medical Clinics. Businesses. Agriculture. We seek to fulfill requests for different structures because we know these buildings often create new dreams in the people we serve. Each project is carefully considered according to the need and overall impact on the community and the resources for long term leadership, maintenance and support.

As the mission of continues to grow around the world, the need for places of worship are also increasing. In some places, particularly in rural areas, traditional construction is nearly impossible. The lack of proper roads and materials make it physically and financially challenging to build.

As a solution, is working to provide the 1DAYCHURCH, a sturdy steel frame that can be constructed in as little as one day. These simple structures are strong enough to withstand extreme weather conditions, but light enough to haul into remote and rural locations.

The 1DAYCHURCH program promises to an effective response to the need for proper churches, and we work to train, invest, and disciple church leaders along the way.

THE EXPEDITION is more than just a short term mission trip experience.  It is an opportunity to explore,  to discover, and to make a long-term genuine impact on local communities in the developing world. When you join us on an Expedition, you and your team will work directly alongside local partners and ministries to bring sustainable projects and solutions as we build stronger communities on top of water.

THE WAVE is a monthly giving program that is made up of dreamers and doers who have joined the movement to build a better tomorrow. Every dollar covers the cost of GBL filter, well, and building projects around the world. If you feel led to donate, click here.